Portentous Book 1 Out Now!

‘Portentous 1: Brothers’ released this week.

I’m excited about my latest venture – my first foray into sci-fi / fantasy saga. Love them as a reader / viewer, and I had a burgeoning idea in my head, so…

Here’s the blurb from the Amazon upload:

“It appears that your brother is being a little unreasonable, Governor Dais. So glad that you have returned to bring much-needed normality to proceedings.”

Wexlen Dais, the well-respected governor of Star East One, is happy with his lot. That is, until he returns from a trade meeting at a neighbouring settlement to find that his brother, Paxlan, has ruffled the feathers of the envoy from the capital.

Something fell from the sky in last night’s storm, and Paxlan isn’t allowing the scholars from the Centre to investigate it. Wexlen has a choice to make: loyalty to the capital or loyalty to his brother? The situation will not allow for both…

Decisions are made, lines are drawn, lives are affected… the world – and Wexlen’s understanding of it – will never be the same again.

Something fell from the sky. Not a rock, but clear evidence of Tech and Machine, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Great Devastation, some four thousand years ago.

The Centre must control all the secrets. The Dais brothers are in their way.

So begins the Portentous Saga… a series of short science-fiction / fantasy novels that document the trials and traumas of the Dais family; their lives uprooted, their world shattered, their resolve tested to the limit.

Sound okay to you?

I enjoyed writing it, and I’m currently writing the second one, 2: Ghosts. I’m hoping to have that out next month. I have three books in my head, but depending on how the writing goes, it could be 5… 7… who knows?

I guess a lot depends on if anyone reads it!

Here’s the Amazon US link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083HKKFBW

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