The Wolfpack: intriguing documentary

No, not the pub in Emmerdale; that’s called ‘The Woolpack’. I’m taking about a great documentary from 2015 about a family who live in an apartment block in New York and hardly ever go outside. They’re home-schooled and live their lives vicariously through movies. Controlled by their father, they are completely cut off from the real world…

This might sound a little familiar to my readers. I make no secret of the fact that this intriguing film was part of the inspiration behind ‘Corner House’: a family secluded from the world becoming the subject of a documentary. Thankfully, that’s were the key similarities end, as my tale gets dark.

‘The Wolfpack’ is an engaging film and a tantalising window into how some people chose to raise their children, away from what we might perceive as ‘the norm’, and how that in turn might shape them.

The Angulo brothers turn out to be wonderfully creative – as do the Farley’s in ‘Corner House’ – although their talent is for making home-made versions of the movies they watch and admire, not home-made instruments and cover versions of the songs they enjoy. They are also incredibly empathetic and endearing, and you’ll root for them throughout, hoping they get a slice of that which we think of as ‘a normal life.’

I guess it all depends what normal means. Different strokes for different folks. Either way, if you haven’t seen ‘The Wolfpack’, you must. Essential viewing.

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