What’s In A Name?


Naming characters is an interesting part of the writing process. Sometimes it’s absolutely crucial to get the right sounding name – and I can agonise over it for days – and sometimes it’s just a case of picking something that sounds age appropriate, and not too similar to one that I’ve used before.

Then there is the other way of naming characters, and I’ve done this once before. Naming them after readers. Only because they want me to, of course! There’s a couple of characters in Portentous 2 named this way, and I’d like to do it again.

Here’s the situation. At the end of next week, my latest short story collection, ‘Bitterly’ comes out. All the stories are set in the same village, so it means there’s quite a large cast – quite a number of new names to conjure up.

If you would like your name – or part of it – to feature in the book, then here’s the deal. Give me an Amazon review, on any of my other titles before the end of April 15th, and I will use your name for a character. It would also be useful if you messaged me about it, so I have it confirmed that you would like me to use said moniker! Of course, it goes without saying that the character would no way represent you (no intentional similarities to people living or dead blah blah blah) as they are already written. I’ll just swap out the name.

This could be a bit of fun, so if you fancy it, let me know!

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