Bitterly – new book is out!

Just a quick one to let you know that the latest ebook is out. BITTERLY is essentially a short story collection, but with a difference. All twelve stories are set in the same sleepy village.
Story 1 and story 12 are basically bookends – they act as prologue and epilogue to the larger tale of a moors fire that unleashes something ancient and evil from the hillside and into the village.
The ten tales in between are ten separate instances of suspense and horror, in some way or other brought about by whatever it is that’s ‘in the water’, or ‘blowing in the wind’. They can be read as isolated tales or as part of the bigger picture. It’s entirely up to the reader.
So, something a bit different; who knows if it’ll work, but I’m proud of all twelve pieces!

Here are the links – take a look!

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