All the Unlucky Numbers are in place!

Excited, delighted, and I hope you’ll be affrighted! My latest short story collection ‘UNLUCKY NUMBERS’ is complete! Thirteen tales exploring different situations where the order of everyday life is disrupted and the numbers just don’t add up…

Available for download on Amazon, and FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited.



Inside, it’s so delightful…

So, I have released some Christmas tales, as mentioned previously. ‘A Door or a Window?’ and ‘The Last Present’ are both in there. These two you’ll find in other collections also.

However, you have also got three brand new tales: ‘Secret Sandra’ – my take on Secret Santa; ‘Wreck The Halls’ – the perils of acquiring a Christmas tree; and ‘A Ghost at Burrows Manor’ – because every Christmas collection needs a ghost in an old stuffy building.

‘Frightful’ – the collection is available now to download on Kindle, or to read free on Kindle Unlimited.

New and Upcoming

So Volume Three of ‘Unlucky Numbers’ is out. Three new stories of horror and suspense (although one is a reworking / extension of a bonus story that was in ‘A Very Bad Year’ for a time.)

There’s also a Christmas one – ‘A Door or a Window?’ Haunted advent calendar, anyone?

I’m thinking of releasing this story separately along with ‘The Last Present’ from AVBY, and two other seasonal tales that I’ve got in mind. That might be out next week if I can polish those baubles in time.

The new year will see the whole collection completed, as well as the start of a new story, collected in a series of novellas. ‘Portentous’ – more sci-fi/fantasy than normal – will be out in January too.

Then there’s a novel, ‘The Deleted’… I’m hoping 2020 is going to be a big Barnard year!

More Unlucky Numbers

The second trio of stories – in what will eventually become a collection of thirteen tales – is now available. Download for 0.99 (£, $ or Euro) or read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

The stories are:

Romanian Roulette – a grisly take on the well-known game…

Tagged – a murder investigation with puzzle pieces to fit…

A Curiosity of Kittens – a children’s picture book that isn’t quite what it seems…

Links here:



Upcoming Projects

So a summer of getting stuck into some writing is nearly done, and although I’ve nothing finished there are some (hopefully) interesting things on the way.

I’m a quarter of the way through a novel, ‘The Deleted’, which has gaming addiction as one of its central themes.

I’m also working on a new collection of short stories, entitled ‘Unlucky Numbers’. Numbers, sequences, lists etc will be the common trait, and three of those will be out for sampling very shortly, just in the same way that I released stories from ‘A Very Bad Year’ at regular intervals before the final volume came out.

Hope you’ve left a little more space for me on your virtual bookshelves!

An Apology

Hi. Just wanted to mention something that a reviewer has brought to my attention. I’ve referred to my stories as an ‘anthology’. They rightly pointed out that the stories are not so, as they are all by me, and therefore a ‘collection’. An anthology requires multiple contributors. I’m embarrassed by the error.

However, I would like to stress that it was not intentional. In no way did I seek to dupe anybody into thinking they were getting the works of multiple authors. I just made a mistake. Writing’s a hobby that I fit in with a busy life, so the subtitle won’t be the only error between those virtual pages. I’m my own editor, and that can sometimes lead to blindspots.

I’m not doing it to make my fortune; I just enjoy writing and sharing that with others. If you bought ‘A Very Bad Year’ with your hard-earned cash, expecting it to be an anthology curated by me that includes the works of others, I apologise.